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Your advertising approach must create a lasting impression or a memory, if you will. Successful copywriting is the technique of implanting a thought or idea that will invoke a response from the reader.Although a very popular approach, advertising
does not necessarily need to leap out and attack the reader, quite often it is better to have the reader voluntarily surrender to the idea. You want to leave something behind that the reader will take away with them, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

How can you leave this implanted message?

1. Headlines

You must first get the readers ATTENTION!! In a sea of advertising it is often next to impossible to catch the quick eye of the consumer.

2. The “Conscious Stage”

No matter how shallow or deep, the memory is now there.

3. Decisive Reasoning

The reader must use decisive reasoning. Logic is one of them. The key is to get them to react.

4. Reaction Theory

My theory is that the reader will react one of three ways.

a) They will react positively and most assuredly move into the fifth and final stage of the sale.

b) They react negatively and your efforts have failed.

This is where the ad copy will draw the consumer in by creating a negative atmosphere by openly attacking it’s competition, another third party or even the reader themselves.

c) The other readers have already opted to continue or abort
based on the opinion they have already formed.

5) Your potential customer now decides to take that final step of action. It all comes down to this:

a) They buy your product, try your product, or ask for more information. But no matter what, your potential customer is now a legitimate sale or lead.

b) They have followed through and decided against you.

If you have made the sale, Congratulations! You must be doing something right!

If you have not, here are things to consider:

When writing your ads, leave a tag on the end of your URL such as:

If the ratio is low, I know my ad needs more work. If the ratio is substantial, then it comes to reason that the problem lies at the web site and the copy there in. If you track the movement of the reader from the time that they enter your site from the ad, you can assess the strengths and weaknesses web copy. Website owners, don’t forget about that second impression (Invitation & Follow-Up).

Remember: “Not Now” does not necessarily mean “Not Ever”.


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