How to Select a Website Marketing and Promotion Firm

Gaining a recognizable and memorable online presence takes more than a well designed website. And, knowing how to gain a steady flow of quality, qualified traffic to increase sales, earnings, requires extensive knowledge, experience and ongoing research to keep up with the latest techniques, and trends.

If you’ve tried marketing your website and are confused by the lengthy steps and/or don’t have the time to devote to aggressively marketing your site online, outsourcing to a professional marketing firm may be your best alternative. But, choosing from so many companies which claim to be the best choice can be overwhelming.

You can narrow down your selection and find a website marketing firm that will likely bring the desired results by choosing a marketing firm that has a:

1. Free initial consultation which allows you to ask questions, gauge their online marketing knowledge and determine how well you will be able to interact with them throughout the implementation of your marketing plan.

2. Excellent reputation, proven track record, is recommended by others and can provide samples of work (e.g. Design, copywriting, ranking reports from sites which have been optimized properly) and/or several references.

3. Written scope of work detailing the specific services which will be provided including a guarantee on search engine optimization work.

4. Genuine interest in your business—knows how to properly position you:

a. To consistently reach your target audience.

b. Against your competition—both on and off the Internet.

c. To consistently generate quantity and quality traffic to your site.

d. To gain more sales and/or increase your earning potential.

5. Dedicated team of professionals, and contact information for each member of the team.

6. Optimization methodology which does not employ risky techniques such as key phrase loading, re-direction and cloaking, or gateway/doorway pages which potentially may ban your site from the search engines and directories; OR raw (junk) traffic services which inflate traffic but don’t retain visitors, generate sales or increase online recognition.

7. Understanding of how to optimize your site for both the search engines (e.g. AltaVista) and search directories (e.g. Yahoo, DMOZ).

8. Proven optimization strategy which relies on human handwork rather than automated software (e.g. Web Position Gold) to ensure that your site receives results customized for you.

9. Monthly or quarterly search engine and directory ranking reports to demonstrate progress and the top rankings which have been achieved.

10. Clear pricing/fee structure and interest free payment options (if needed). Avoid ANY company which…

a. Charges you for each page or key phrase which is optimized. You should only have to pay for your site to be optimized, not to mention that you should have a clear idea just how much you are paying for the service.

b. Requires that you host your optimized pages with them. In other words, if you miss a monthly payment, your optimized pages are pulled down and you lose your rankings.

11. “You Own It” policy. In other words, once you’ve paid your marketing fees, you own any of the work which was performed on your behalf including domain names, web pages, web copy, etc.

12. Ability to make suggestions on and provide integration of technology (e.g. Blogs, smart autoresponders, e-commerce solutions, etc.) to keep your website fresh, alive and on the cutting edge.

13. Flexible policy that allows you to choose your web hosting company or webmaster; and/or doesn’t require that your website and design updates are handled using only their team members.

14. Offering of additional services such as:

a. E-zine marketing to increase subscribers and product/service/company recognition.

b. Link popularity enhancement to increase quality and quantity traffic as well as rankings in the search engines.

c. Affiliate program management to increase sales, earnings and residual income opportunities.

d. Online advertising options such as pop-up/pop-under, banner, e-zine and pay-per-click ads.

e. Copywriting services which include e-zine article development

f. Custom web and/or graphic design

g. Product development including e-book creation and other products which can be delivered in digital format.

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