10 Tips to Increase your Success using ConsultantFORCE

To be successful in responding to client opportunities we have compiled these general guidelines that will assist in developing the most effective presentation of your firm’s skills. This will allow clients to recognize the value of hiring you for their projects. When responding to projects that match your firm’s capabilities, remember that ConsultantFORCE clients use our service to locate the best talent and experience in the industry for their projects. Therefore, present your firm’s qualifications in a quantitative and qualitative manner. The client views your responses through a secure page on our website; they do not receive them via e-mail.

When developing your responses to the client, follow these guidelines to ensure the best results:

  •   Address the client’s specific requirements. Do not try to read into or assume the meaning of the client’s statements. Rather, give specific answers (e.g., number of years of experience, list of past projects/clients) that address the criteria in question.
  •  Proofread for grammar and spelling. Recognize that your responses to the client criteria will be viewed directly by the client. It is in your best interest to represent your business professionally.
  •  Compose concise statements. Make statements of fact, based on past and present experience. A response to a project opportunity is not a venue for broad, general marketing statements. Responses should outline or summarize past cases in which you addressed and solved similar issues and problems for other clients.
  •  Cite specific examples of your experiences. Use quantified statements that speak to the questions (e.g., who, what, where, when, how long, how many).
  •  Limit the length of your responses. Your project response should be comprehensive and complete; however, you should also make it as concise and to the point as possible.
  • Do not focus on the anticipated budget. It is not necessary to over analyze the initial budget estimate in your initial response. Simply provide a dollar range and qualify that by explaining the final cost will depend on the final specific deliverables. Projects will close at a reasonable budget once the full scope of the work has been agreed by both parties.
  • Maintain a sense of urgency. Most projects may be posted for up to two weeks, but they will be most active over the first several days. Do not wait until the final deadline to respond. On rare occasions, it’s possible a project posting might be removed from the list before the ‘Application Deadline’ date (this would only occur at the request of the client if he was certain he had already reviewed a strong list of potential candidates). In general, late responses may receive less attention from potential clients.
  • Use templates where appropriate. It may be helpful to develop templates for use in the ‘General Comments’ section. You can create the templates as Word documents and then copy and paste the content into the response. You should customize this material for each unique project, editing information as appropriate.
  • Provide a complete response. The client will use these responses to make a first cut. Incomplete responses that do not provide specific details for each criterion are less likely to be successful.

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