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Find the Right Consultant – Now!

We can help when you need to hire qualified consultants. ConsultantFORCE is a marketplace for consulting expertise designed for business leaders who believe that the right connections can produce extraordinary results. Our valuable business resource is used to quickly find qualified candidates in any area of expertise. ConsultantFORCE is now offering a Client Membership, at no charge, to executives seeking consultants.

Click on the “Contact Us” link to identify the perfect consultant for your upcoming project.

As a Client you will have the tools identify and qualify consulting firms that meet you exact requirements. In addition to this streamlined process you will receive:

  • Matching Reports that show at-a-glance how well each consultant matches your requirements
  • Quality Profiles include Performance Appraisal Evaluations designed to provide deep insight into each consultant’s past project performance
  • Response Alerts let you know when you have a consultant response
  • Expert assistance to help you manage your search
  • Personalized member service to make the most of your membership
  • Anonymity allows you to post critical needs and obtain detailed proposals for your project without disclosing your own company or contact information

As a Client with ConsultantFORCE you will enjoy other benefits, including access to Articles, Case Studies and White Papers providing insights and market intelligence authored by subject matter experts within the ConsultantFORCE private network.

If you want to maximize your project results or are currently seeking a consultant, please sign up for a FREE Client Membership of ConsultantFORCE now by visiting:

Sign up as a Client Member today. It’s a great way to widen and deepen your search, and gain fresh perspectives from world class experts to help you achieve your business and professional goals.

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Outsourcing Tips that Give Results

You must learn the basics before you can outsource your way to success. Never lose sight of your project’s foundation. Allow yourself time to develop and master the skill of successful outsourcing. It will take time to learn what tasks should be outsourced and where you should go to get the work done. After you learn the answers to these questions your business will really take off. Put these tips to use and you’ll be outsourcing the right way today.

Don’t do anything until you’ve checked out your needs and explored your options for outsourcing. There is a great deal of profit to be made by outsourcing but first you’ll need to invest a little time towards finding out what your outsourcing needs may be and which firm is the best firm to serve them. With all the information available online it is a good idea to filter out the information that doesn’t matter to you and focus on the information you need. Knowledge can help you avoid expensive mistakes. It is recommended that you simply see why, so take hold of some recspecs to help you definitely zero in.

For your first project, make it one that isn’t too large. Your first outsourcing project is essentially an experiment. Start small in order to avoid some of the harsher lessons that go along with almost any learning curve. If you assign a few small projects to several different firms you can compare notes for the best experience and the best results.

Avoid making the mistake of opting for a particular vendor due to price. If you want to find the ideal service provider, then you need to opt for one whose bid is somewhere in the middle, neither too low nor too high. You need to search for a vendor that offers amazing value as well as excellent results at reasonable prices. You simply have to be extremely careful before selecting your vendor since it is very easy to make a mistake when you don’t have any experience.

To conclude, we have seen that outsourcing can change your business and offer you a high ROI. However, to gain the most benefits, you will have to be intelligent in making the proper moves and employing the right person. Starting out small is critical and once you gain the experience and confidence required you can fry bigger fish. Remember, being consistent is the key and success comes one small step at a time.

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How to Use Outsourcing to Your Benefit

All successful online business owners know how valuable outsourcing can be. When you let a remote worker handle your work, you save yourself time. This can be utilized to boost and grow your internet company. Do not confuse outsourcing with the usual hiring that is done at your office. When you dole out a project to a professional, you are only hiring that person until the work is completed. There are no contracts and no restrictions. The only thing is that you have to find the right person for the job and pay on time. It might seem easy, but there are many factors that you have to remember. Oftentimes, when talking about Income Instruments, it is not a good idea to consider it in isolated terms. So it is not uncommon to find yourself doing a lot of investigation and decision making. It is not hard to find out more about this, and you can probably save yourself some hassles by doing so. If you want to increase your ROI, so to speak, then you need to seek out what kind of choices you have. What follows next are a few concerns about the subject that will want to know so you can pick the best alternatives.

Firstly, think about whether your business is ready to outsource a project. Work out your budget and determine your precise requirements so that you know what you need. Compare the different costs associated with hiring an in-house team as opposed to outsourcing and then compare the outcome for your project. Once you are completely convinced that you have everything you need to outsource your project, and there’s no better option, only then proceed. Even though this may not seem to be a critical point, it does make a lot of sense in the long run. Your communication with your outsourcing agent should be concise so they’ll be sure to understand your project needs. Always be very clear about your project’s needs and your proposed schedule. In order to avoid any confusion or miscommunication about what’s expected for your project, put everything in writing. As long as your outsourcing person or team knows exactly what’s required, you have a better chance of receiving the work you wanted done the right way. If you’re vague about these things, you’ll get poor results that won’t be what you expected. We have included a few basic things about Authority Pro 2.0, and they are essential to consider in your research. However is that all there is? Not by a long shot – you actually can broaden your knowledge greatly, and we can help you. However, you will find them to be of great utility in your search for information. Do take the time and make the effort to discover the big picture of this. But we have saved the best for last, and you will know what we mean once you have read through.

The people you hire for your projects aren’t employed by you full time, but you should still evaluate them in a similar manner. Be careful about scrutinizing the applications you receive to see whether the person or team you’re considering will be a good match for your requirements. Check out the samples provided, read the resumes and check any references. You should be asking questions that are the same as interviewing a job applicant for a full time position in your company. When you think about it, you’re paying to have a job done your way, so it’s fair to take your time finding the right person to suit the job. If you don’t take the initial hiring process seriously then you’ll end up with a service provider that isn’t serious about work. The important point as it concerns Passive Profit Portals is you have to make sure you receive not only information you need, but it has to be the right information.

In conclusion, outsourcing the proper way is all about making the right decisions. Remember, outsourcing is just as essential as any other aspect of your business. This is why you should treat this as a serious part of your business. Outsourcing the correct tasks can increase the profits and help you take your online company to the next level. So there is no reason to not use outsourcing to succeed. Just take precautions until you know what you are doing.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Call Centerand Equippingwith LMS Training

Your employees will have to attend to more calls and respond to more mails as the business expands. This results in more calls and more mails to answer; if this ever reaches an uncontrollable stage then you need to change your strategy plan. This is the time you can consider the setting up of a call center. This will enable you to work in an efficient and organized manner wherein you can track, maintain and improve your relationship with your customers. You can reduce costs as processes like training are taken care of online.

Before the coming of learning management systems (LMS) or any online training systems, the format of training adopted was more or less chaotic and inefficient. Training employees was a chaotic process but now with the presence of online training systems and learning management systems (LMS), it is become much simpler. The company was unable to calculate the amount of expenses it would incur on training the offsite employees. Calculating the amount of money that would be spend on training employees as other locations was not easily possible. The process of training followed at different locations varied on the trainer.

Companies are able to cut costs and centralize their employee trainings if they utilize business process outsourcing for their call centers. The LMS comes to help here as they enable you to create your own training solution and distribute it too. These modules can also be customized to meet the organizations branding requirements. It also comes in a pay-per-use model which allows companies to provide relevant training that is up-to-date and this can be easily loaded and reloaded on the system. Using this model companies can train their employees at other locations in a cost effective and timely manner.

With Coggno you can now get a limited time only free trail of its pay-per-use LMS model. Click here to know more!

Using an LMS, online training is easily delivered to outsourced call centers. Many wonder what the benefit of outsourcing the call center is. There is a whole list of benefits that are bound with a call center. The first point is that the call center helps to increase company efficiency. A big office is not a prerequisite for an operational call center. The call center can be a small office with a few number of employees and they can be present in any part of the world. You may not be required to hire new workforce either.

To track the business process and progress the call center is a good option. Tracking all the calls and emails to your business can now be done in a simple method with the help of customer relationship management software. Tracking this information is not possible with the normal help desks. You can monitor your business with the presence of a call center and make decisions based on all the information that is generated.

Your business can be up-to-date with the latest technology with the use of LMS software and communication handling systems when you move to a call center. A virtual call center is one of the most recent examples where we can showcase the use of Software for delivering services. Most often than not, companies make use of cloud based services the likes of, for a fee and integrate this with their call center functionality. With Salesforce software it becomes easy for your representatives to maintain updates, see the latest salesforce activities and know more about social networking tools that are essential.

Chatter collaborates with Saleforce’s upcomgin platform to offer call centers all the tools they require and also the latest technology. You no longer need to post on staff blogs or email to let everyone know what you are working on. You can follow not only individual people on Salesforce but also other records like accounts, contacts, cases and even opportunities. You can provide solutions immediately to customer queries by sharing their query with other team members.

As more companies are using LMS for their training needs, this software is developing at a fast rate. Some of the educational tools may feel like a game as they are fun to use and have practical features. You can now create more interactive training modules with the help of the new social networking features.

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Implementing BPO and LMS to Obtain World Class Solutions At Low Cost

BPO Training thru LMS

If a company implements BPO, virtual classroom tools and LMS can be used for training service providers. Quick and cost effective services are some of the benefits associated with having BPO. BPO combined with low investment and efficiency of LMS can help reduce costs.

With BPO services, it becomes easy to vary service level according to customer demands. This makes BPO services suitable for small as well as large companies. In the long run, companies can save money by changing service levels as per consumer demands.

It becomes easy for companies to focus on relevant business activities as BPO handles other major functions. Rather than spending time and energy of the HR department on accounting, customer service and HR implementation, it should be used for handling vital matters of the company.

Access to effective business process solutions can be enjoyed by companies through BPO. BPO provides access to best solutions and systems to the companies at a low cost. Companies invest a small amount in assets and since they have access to the best available expertise, their risk in investment goes down.

With the help of a learning management system, companies can provide better training to the service providers. BPO services can help companies, scale and plan business operations and provide new ideas for better performance.

Today, companies can choose from a wide variety of online training and education solutions. Through learning management system, companies can buy LMS training courses, create in house training and outsource the development of customized training courses.

Pay-per-use business model of LMS ensures that the training material is relevant and up to the mark. Creation and deployment of content on a constant basis becomes easy for companies through the LMS business model.

Full control over the learning material can be exercised by the administrator and creators through pay-per-use LMS. Course creators can syndicate training material for a wide audience, brand the learning content and customize it for in-house purposes through LMSs like Coggno.

Companies can save time and money with the help of BPO services. E-learning solutions through pay-per-use LMSs cost less as compared to traditional training solutions. To meet management training, BPO and compliance objectives, companies are looking for better online training solutions.

LMS e-training markets like Coggno make available training courses in BPO training and compliance. It becomes easy to provide compliance training courses on writing reports, workplace motivation and team dynamics to BPO service providers. During times of perpetual change, companies can remain competitive with the help of a SilkWeb course named Project Management. This course proves beneficial in reviewing project management processes, project and team cycles. Such courses help companies train the staff and managers about the tools and functions required for better business management.

A company’s success can be ensured with the effective implementation of online training and BPO services. A company can improve performance and leverage the cost cutting opportunities by implementing new ideas.

Learn about Low Investment, High Quality with Combo of LMS and BPO.

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How Do You Find and Hire a Professional Writer?

By R. Michael Brown

More and more “writers” are appearing in the market. They blog, write email, use Twitter, and are rabid Facebook users. There is no shortage of channels for them to express themselves. Are these the people you should hire?

According to Technorati, currently there are 133 million blogs indexed since 2002. An average 900 thousand posts on blogs happen every 24 hours. As printed newspapers get skinnier or disappear, more web channels are opening up from publishers, businesses, organizations, and others.

More than 72% of bloggers are classified as hobbyists, meaning that they report no income related to blogging. Some actually write pretty well. Of course they get to choose the topic.

But writing well doesn’t mean they can write to achieve a goal about your subject. You have a stake in your topic, are risking your investment, or will spend your time and budget on this project.

If you are going to pay someone to write, I’m assuming you don’t just want them to express themselves. You want something out of the deal.

Your goal may be to inform, persuade, enhance your image, increase the value of your brand, sell a product or service, drive traffic to your site or event, increase leads, expand your email or mailing list…. or much more.

If you were going to hire someone to run a company, you would want someone with a track record of success. If you were going to hire someone to coach a team, you would want to know their win/loss record. If you were going to employ a person to engineer a new product, certainly you would require someone with the right education and experience, and the actual physical item they made, so you can see and touch how well they did.

Hiring a writer is no different.

The bigger the track record of measured success, the better writer they may be for you.

The better the client list they have served, chances are they will be able to hit the mark – at least their brand name clients think so.

And if their portfolio (samples of their work) demonstrates a fit with the goals you have for the project you want to hire them for, chances are they are the best writer for you.

Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, the mix of art and goals makes it more complicated.

First, before you look for a professional writer, you should have clear goals and scope of work. It would also be helpful to know your budget for the project. Then start the search.

As an advertising & PR agency hiring manager, former managing editor, and video producer, I’ve reviewed thousands of portfolios and hired hundreds of writers and other “creatives.” if their portfolio has major clients and/or reputable national publishers or broadcasters, they get more than a double-take.

Goals are more important than art. Almost anyone can write a great email to home, but very few can write to meet the clearly stated and measurable goals.

Professional writers are great communicators. They have learned and practiced the steps to nail down the scope of a project up front, research the topic, write using the style necessary for the goal, and lead you though the review process.

Very experienced pros can help you publish, distribute, and measure your results. Leaders in the field can put a team of creatives together and provide a turnkey service. I have over 1,400 contacts in my cellphone for just this reason.

If a candidate’s portfolio shows great prose but their work hasn’t had to achieve measurable results, maybe they should be an essayist or write novels; but, not work for you. Your goals are more important than their art.

Some great professionals in an organization I belong to, the American Medical Writers Association, brought up a discussion recently about “Content Mills.” These companies are signing people up to write for a few bucks an hour. I wish I had the time to do the research and write an article about them. Ads from content mills are dominating CareerBuilder and other job sites now – right there with the jobs for selling AVON.

If you search for professional writers or freelance writers on the web you will run smack into many of these content mills on the first page.

From a quick Google search, the news is that the mills are making big bucks running a virtual sweat shop. Anyone that can type fast can work for them.

These typists are known for a lot of plagiarism and fast “rewrites” of legitimate work they find on the web. If someone brings a content mill generated portfolio to me, I wouldn’t bother to look.

If a “writer” hasn’t been paid real money to do work, pass. They aren’t a pro and your goals will get lost in the process.

This surge in the supply of writers isn’t surprising. I saw this type of growth in the 1980′s when desktop publishing erupted. Buy a computer – open an ad agency. Early this decade, when video became affordable with digital cameras and post production on the desktop – buy some software and become a director and producer. Now with the web and “cheap publishing channels,” more people are opening up a writing shop.

However, the marketplace has a way of lifting the talented to the top.

Great talent has the genes (and I’m not talking about Levis) in addition to the education and experience. Professional writers either have it or they don’t. You have to think about hiring a writer just like you would think about hiring an accountant, an engineer, or any other professional.

Do you want your accounting to run you aground? Do you want your product, that an engineer makes, not work. I’m sure you don’t want your communication to fail either. Don’t try to find a writer on the cheap. Chances are you will regret it.

The best source to find writers is to ask people you know that have a well-written website, collateral material, news stories, white papers, blogs, newsletters, etc. Ask who wrote the copy. Relationships and referrals are the best way to find reliable talent.

One of the top places to look for experienced professional writers is on LinkedIn. I’ve had a lot of positive results hiring writers, illustrators, graphic designers, web designers and developers on this business site. You can also check in with reputable professional associations like:

• American Advertising Federation

• American Medical Writers Association

• American Society of Journalists and Authors

• International Association of Business Communicators

• National Association of Science Writers

• Public Relations Society of America

• Society of Technical Communication

Or you can contact me. If I can’t help you, I have a list of top writers and will be glad to connect you.

In all cases make sure you check their portfolio, references, and ask how they, or their client, measured the results vs. the goal of what they wrote.

Professional writers usually have a portfolio online. Mine is

Good luck in your search and remember, hire a pro!

R. Michael Brown

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